Media Presentation

We offer installation and training of Media Screen Presentation software for your Sanctuary or other building in the EasyWorship® Media Presentation program. We provide Support for this in three different ways:
  1. We can provide Complete Support by creating a new Media File, (or "Schedule" as it's called) for each Worship Service or Special Event with information provided by you and subject to your approval.  Text, Graphics, PowerPoint Presentations, Pictures and Videos can be added to visually reinforce the Sermon as well as the other components of your Worship Service such as Communions, Baptisims, Special Announcements, Music and so on.  All that is required by you is a volunteer to operate the media computer and run the program during the Service.          Note: The creation of Media Schedules is easily be done by Remote Connection to your media computer via an internet connection and doesn't require you to compromise your facilities security by issuing a door key and/or alarm code.
  2. We can provide Administrative Support by modifing an existing Schedule created by a staff member or a volunteer and add only those elements which you desire to complete the Schedule, such as professionally produced Videos and custom Graphics to complement the existing work that has already been done by your people.
  3. We can provide Training for a tech-savy staff member or volunteer who wishes to learn the administrative tools in the program and do the work themselves.  Training in the operation of the program itself is available during the week and on Saturdays. If your prefer, training on Sundays during Worship Services is also available and I will personally guide your Staff member     or volunteer through each step of operation during the actual Worship Service.